Segment Reporting: Entity Wide Disclosures for IFRS 8

Entity-wide disclosures

As well as financial disclosures, IFRS 8 requires other entity-wide, non-financial information disclosures, such as information about:

  • products or services (or groups of products and services)
  • the countries in which the entity earns revenues and holds assets
  • major customers.

This information is to be provided regardless of whether the information is used by management in making operating decisions and apply to all entities subject to IFRS 8, including those with just one reportable segment.

Products or services

The entity shall disclose:

  • Revenue from external customers for each product and service or each group of similar products and services.
  • This information should be based on the financial information used to produce the entity’s financial statements.


Different countries and regions have different risks, such as growth prospects, taxation and regulation.

The entity shall disclose:

  • Revenue from external customers attributed to
  • the entity’s country of domicile and
  • all foreign countries in total where the entity derives revenue
  • Non-current assets located in
  • the country of domicile and
  • all foreign countries in total where the entity holds assets

Major customers

There are risks associated with having a small number of major customers.

Although it can be a good thing, as it may take less administration and easier to supply fewer but larger customers, there are also risks.

If revenue from any customer is more than 10% of the entity’s total revenue then it must be disclosed along with the total of revenues from these customers and the identity of the segment containing the revenue.

The entity does not need to disclose the identity of the customer or the amount of revenue in each segment from that customer.

A group of entities under common control will be considered to be a single customer.

For example, if the entity supplies local or provincial government groups, they are considered to be a single customer for the purposes of IFRS 8 as they are under the control of that government.

If the entity cannot make the disclosures because the information is not available or would be too expensive to obtain, this fact should be disclosed.